Roland Fantom-X6 Workstation Keyboard

Roland Fantom-X6 61-Key Workstation Keyboard

Excellent Condition with original box

The Roland Fantom-X6 is a 61-key sampling synthesizer workstation, featuring 8 stereo linear tracks of audio recording capability, and a flagship stereo-sampled piano sound with it's own button, with individual samples of the full 88 keys, just like an acoustic piano.

The Fantom-X6 is equipped with a large, backlit, color LCD display(!), 128-voice polyphonic capability, Skip Back Sampling and sample import, a high-resolution built-in sequencer, realtime audio time-stretching, COSM sound modeling effects and mastering processing.

Roland has supplied the Fantom-X6 with a USB port for cross-platform file transfer to a computer, and full WAV and AIFF file compatibility is part of the package, as well. A set of realtime controller knobs and 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads, along with the proprietary D-Beam infra-red sound controller, complement the velocity-sensitive, weighted synth-action of the unit's physical keyboard.

The Fantom-X6 is equipped with an arsenal of creative and performance tools for the stage or studio, and is available for a very reasonable price.

61-key sampling workstation keyboard with velocity-sensitive, weighted synth action keys and 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads
Dedicated value dial and cursor section for quicker, more simplified navigation
128-voice polyphony, 64 MB Waveform memory with over 1400 resident waveforms, 1280 patches organized by instrument family
Advanced waveform synthesis and editing with multiple filter types, 8 LFO's per patch with synch capabilities, and programmable step LFO for groove and beat generating, processing
Advanced proprietary COSM sound modeling effects, multi-effects, reverbs and mastering dynamics effects built-in
Flexible 400,000-note, 16-track sequencer with 8 stereo linear recording tracks available; loop import with automatic synch-to-tempo through realtime time-stretch implementation
Programmable Arpeggiator and Rhythm Pattern generator
16-bit/44.1 kHZ sampling section with WAV and AIFF file support, up to 544 MB of sampling memory fully expanded with 102-minute maximum mono, 51-minute maximum stereo sampling time
Skip Back Sampling feature for quick recording of phrases or riffs to RAM from external vocal or instrument input, for playback as sequencer track or resampling and controller reprocessing
D-Beam Controller 4 assignable controller knobs for realtime sound editing and track mixing
Large 1 GB PC card memory capacity for sound and sample storage, onboard memory slot
Full MIDI connectivity, USB port for direct file transfer to computer, Fantom-X software editor for Mac and PC
Large, color, backlit LCD screen
4 individual or dual stereo outputs, 1/4" mic or instrument input
SPDIF digital input and output
Dynamic V-Link realtime video controller for use with Edirol video presenter units

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