CORT X700 Duality

The flagship of the ever popular and venerated X Series, the X700 Duality combines boutique quality materials, the highest quality hardware components, Seymour Duncan pickups, visual pizazz and world class craftsmanship to provide an instrument that not only looks chic and daring but plays exceptionally fast and is versatile enough to cover virtually any musical genre and style.

Antique Violin Burst
Flamed Maple Top on Swamp Ash Body
Seymour Duncan® SH2N & TB4 Humbucker
Cort® CFA-III Tremolo
Recessed Tremolo Rout for Raising & Lowering Pitch
3pcs Maple & Panga Panga Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Luminlay Side Dots
Stainless Steel Frets
Cort® Staggered Locking Machineheads

Collections: Guitar/Bass

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