Hartke HD75 Bass Combo Amp

Hartke HD75 75-Watt Solid State Bass Combo Amp w/ Single 12" HyDrive Speaker

Intended for electric bass, the HD75 from Hartke is a combo amplifier capable of delivering 75W RMS. Its 1x12" cabinet houses a 12" HyDrive paper and aluminum cone driver and a 1" tweeter to boot. After connecting your instrument to its 1/4" jack, you can manipulate the signal with bass, midrange, and treble controls, as well as a 7-band graphic EQ which lets you dive deeper into specific frequencies. 

The amplifier gives you 1/4" I/Os for looping outboard gear into your signal, as well as a headphone output, the use of which mutes the amplifier, and thus, enables you to practice silently through headphones. A 1/8" line-level input allows you to plug in CD players, MP3 players, or any compatible playback device, giving you the opportunity to practice along with a background track of your choice. This amplifier is suitable for use in rehearsal spaces and practice sessions.

1/4" input accommodates a broad range of input levels: use this amplifier with passive or active circuitry bass guitars
Seven-band graphic equalizer plus bass, mid, and treble controls
Dedicated 1/8" auxiliary input allows you to hook up a stereo line-level device such as a portable CD or MP3 player for practicing to a playback jack
1/4" effects loop to connect to outboard effects processors
1/4" headphone output automatically disconnects the speaker output allowing use as a high-quality practice amplifier
Built-in limiter protects the speaker and amplifier from overload

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