Epiphone Valve Junior Head & Cabinet

Epiphone Valve Junior Head & Cabinet

Fromel Supreme Mod Kit & Eurotubes Upgrade Kit

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Fromel Supreme Mod Kit:

Tone - Get rid of that thin bottom, honky mids, and lack of clarity with High Quality Caps and corrected resistor values for the input stage to increase the gain and minimize noise. The cathode cap is replaced to provide full tone range resulting in full low end without being flabby

Tube Bias - The preamp tube is running to cool causing the amp to sound harsh and cold, adjusting the cathode resistors let the pre-amp tube run a bit hotter for a smoother and warmer tone.  The power tube is running to hot causing the amp to sound brittle, cooling down the power tube improves the tone of the amp and increases the tubes life.

Brightness - Like to play at low volumes but find the amp too dark? The brightness mod adds sparkle to your tone at low volumes. As you turn your amp up the brightness mod loses its effect so the amp never sounds brittle at high volumes.

Power Stiffening - Both the Cathode cap on the power tube and the filter cap in the first filter stage are replaced with corrected values to reduce noise, increase frequency response and increase dynamics.

Noise Reduction - Isolates the input jack from the chassis preventing ground loops. Increase the capacitance of the first filter stage by 5x reducing ripple current and noise.

Proper Lead Dress - Take a look inside a b


Eurotubes Upgrade Kit:

It uses a single ECC83S for the front end and the default power tube is a single JJ EL84. With the Customize option you can configure this kit to use a JJ EL844 which will drop the power output a couple decibels (ideal for players wanting decreased headroom/output).

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